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EXHUMED starring Debbie Rochon and Michael Thurber.
This black and white moody thriller has garnered a multitude of awards
including Best Actress at Pollygrind FF for Debbie.
Plot: A warped and mysterious family are unable to leave the house
they reside in for unknown reasons, things turn violent upon the
introduction of a new house guest.
Signed  $20.00

The Chainsaw Sally Show
A Very Special Episode: Groundhog's Day
Price $ 4.99 signed

Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots!
Co-starring with Debbie, Trent Haaga, John Zacherley,
Michael Thomas, Conrad Brooks
Price $ 20 signed

Satan Hates You!
Co-starring with Debbie, Reggie Banister,
Angus Scrimm, Larry Fessenden
Price $ 20 signed

VooDoo Cowboys, - zombies and voodoo!
Price $ 10 signed

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